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Place of origin: Wuxi Brand name: Hudson
Product number:HVP10-X Rated Voltage: 1000VDC

Rated Current: 1-30A

Rated Breaking Capacity: 40kA

Certificate: IEC60269-6  UL248-19   UL2579

Packaging details: Standard carton box

Port:Any China Port

Lead Time: 3-7 days


Hudson HPV series of photovoltaic protection fuses are specially designed to protect and isolate the photovoltaic strings. With only pure silver fusing element, as low as 130% of the rated current, and breaking capacity of up to 50kA can be achieved. It can safely cut off  the reverse current in PV system, under multi-array failure, and provide comprehensive protection to the whole system. There are two system voltage selections of up to 30A rating. Both 1000VDC and 1500VDC are built from the same top quality 10mm diameter engineering ceramic tube of 38mm, and 85mm lengths respectively. Built with extreme temperatures reslstant military-grade materials, Hudson,s photovoltaic fuse holders can oprate under harsh environments. Also, specially designed contact reinforcing springs can minimize temperature rise, which resulting in extremely low power consumption. The 1500VDC fuse holder maintains the traditional lever-type operation and overall thickness sa of the 1000VDC model, eliminating the need to redesign the combiner boxes for future PV system voltage upgrade.



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