RME Serise 750VDC

railway fuse, metro fuse,750VDC fuse

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REM Series fuses from Hudson are designed to provide reliable and safety protection for power supply system, trcation system ect. of railway, urban mass transit, magnetically levitated train.

The influnece of various factors such as voltage value, inductance value, capacitance, line resistance and fault point distance of the trainsmission network were considered. The fuses can withstand temperature shock, shifting and braking load current shock, mechanical vibration shock, etc. Also, the fuses get high breaking capacity, low I2t, low temperature rise, low-power consumption and longer service lifetime.

The fuse is tube shaped, and conductor with a variable cross-section, made of pure silver, is sealed in a high-temperature-resistant and high-strength ceramic tube, with filling enough high-silicon quartz sand as the arc-extinguishing medium.


Typical application:

  • Power supply system (pantograph type current collector, the 3rd rail shoe)

  • Traction system (inverter, traction motor and brack controller, speed governor, converter, IGBT/IGCT, etc.)

  • Backup power (UPS power, Signal power, etc.)

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