ESU Series 500VDC

ESS fuse,battery fuse, 500VDC fuse

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ESE/ESU Series fuses from Hudson are designed to provide reliable and safety protection for energy storage battery, power supply side, energy storage system, power grid, ESS of user side, emergrncy power storage system, energy storage inverter , converter, inverter ect..

It fits for the protetion of positive and negative fault current, and short circuit current. Also, the fuses get high breaking capacity, low I2t, low temperature rise, low-power consumption.

Technical Data:

Rated voltage:500VDC

Rated Current:10-800A

Breaking Capacity:50kA


Photovoltaic, wind power supporting energy storage power station, peaking frequency modulation power station, urban energy storage power station, microgrid energy storage power station, island power grid energy storage power station, the charging and replacing station of EV, important place energy storage power station, emergency power storage system and family samll energy storage equipment.



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