Hudson is waiting for you at the Battery Show 2019 in Novi,MI,USA


Hudson is waiting for you at the Battery Show 2019 in Novi,MI,USA


 ◆The Battery Show North America 2019  

◆Date:  2019.09.10-09.12   

◆Location: Suburban Collection Showplace

◆Booth Number: 2533  

◆Introduction to the exhibition:

THE BATTERY SHOW is the annual global battery industry trade show that showcases the latest battery technologies, including battery products, battery test equipment, management systems, battery materials, recycling, and for electric vehicles, recyclable power supplies, and portable electronic devices. , medical technology, military and communications battery solutions.

The Electrical & HYBRID VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY EXPO mainly displays technologies and inventions related to electric vehicles, transmission systems, detection systems, and electric vehicles. There will be automotive engineers, technical experts/consultants, and R&D managers who will be looking for technologies and products that are efficient, safe and affordable.

The reserve power area is the only exhibition in North America that focuses on alternative power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies. The scope will cover uninterruptible power supplies and systems, power supplies, batteries, management systems and test solutions, as well as buyers, technical engineers, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in the power reserve industry. 

  ◆Product Info 

Products include: Battery pack fuse, ESS fuses, EV fuses, electric vehicle fuses, charging pile fuses, UPS fuses, rail transit fuses, photovoltaic fuses, etc. It is widely used in Electric Vehicles, Two-wheeled &Three wheeled electric motorcycles and bicycles, Automated Guided Vehicles, Railway and Metro system, Aerospace Devices, Civil ships and Military ships, Energy Storage System, Power Electronics system of Industrial automation equipment and Industrial communications Equipment such as satellites and radars ect..

ESE/ESU Series fuses from Hudson are designed to provide reliable and safety protection for energy storage battery, power supply side, energy storage system, power grid, ESS of user side, emergency power storage system, energy storage inverter, converter, inverter ect.. It fits for the protection of positive and negative fault current, and short circuit current. Also, the fuses get high breaking capacity, low I2t, low temperature rise, low-power consumption.

Technical Data:

Rated Voltage:150-3500VDC

Rated Current: 10-1500A

Breaking Capacity: 50KA


Photovoltaic, wind power supporting energy storage power station, peaking frequency modulation power station, urban energy storage power station, microgrid energy storage power station, island power grid energy storage power station, the charging and replacing station of EV, important place energy storage power station, emergency power storage system and family Small energy storage equipment.